Who Are Optimal Land?

And why should you choose to work with us?

When it comes to the property industry, there’s selling houses and then there’s selling commercial property and development land.

Too many business owners rely on estate agents or unqualified land agents when selling their commercial land. It’s a common and costly mistake. Many of these agents do not have the professional experience to recognise the optimal value of land – and so it goes missed, costing the business owner significant loss of profit in the process.

Optimal Land was founded by an experienced management team in order to help landowners access credible advice from qualified and experienced property professionals when selling their land.

  • Each partner at Optimal Land had qualified as a member of a nationally recognised professional body in their chosen field.
  • Every member of the team have previously worked for leading property developers so have a thorough and technical understanding of the development process through first hand experience.  

This depth of experience ensures that our clients get the very best in advice and service on every aspect of the sale process.

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